Welcome to 44 Production.
A Southtyrol based production company
for movies and audiovisual media.

44 Production was born to develop contents and to produce films in Southtyrol, either independently or in national and international co-production. Our main aim is to develop original content in our region and bring it to big screen, TV and other media, but, as well as our reference to our region: it´s an aim, not yet a limit. Each of the 4 partners contributes with experience in writing, film making, funding and management, in order to have a proper structured production company with the qualification to develop, produce and co-produce films and media content in Southtyrol, any beyond.

We work on all the steps

of creating content.

From the idea to production.

All movies start with an idea. An extraordinary idea is the fundament to a good story. That is the secret: nothing more and nothing less.



We believe in storytelling. Above this, there´s passion, professionality, keeping the line, collaboration with people and doing everything that has to be done…



A great movie needs to be written, before you can bring it to the camera. We are writers ourselves and have a large, international network of professionals we work with, notably in Germany, Italy, Austria…



We like to produce great stories, no matter where they come from: out of our awareness, or yours. So, if you need a producer, a co-producer or a local executive, don’t hesitate and get in touch. The South Tirol film industry…

Financing, …


Sponsoring and Product Placement. Great stories need adequate budgets to be told well. Beside the regional fund, sponsoring and product-placement is a modern financing possibility…

Stories we believe in

14 February 2020

Das Kuckucksnest

A Paranormal Thriller

The call of the victim

A revenge story never set before in two most beatyful and different parts of italy


A mosaic of our western society in five stories and 24 hours

Short cuts from a town

Some stories to get told?
We look forward to meet you